How is the game played?

The Freedom Belles are a proud member of the Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (M.A.D.E.) and we play their rules and regulations. Please visit the M.A.D.E. website at to learn more. It is very informative and answers just about everything you will need to know about roller derby.

I want to join. What do I need to know?

We are a co-ed league. You must be 18 years of age to play.  Members must carry their own medical insurance. 

Do I need to skate well?

No, you do not.  However, you do need to be able to skate somewhat. We suggest visiting your local rink to work up your "skate legs." You will learn right along with everyone else and get better with determination and practice.

Will I have to try out for the Freedom Belles?

Yes, you will. We have Fresh Meat Clinics a few times a year. They are 6 weeks long, once a week. You will have to pass a skills test in order to make it on the league. Please visit for the skills assessment requirements and rules of the game.

 How much time will I have to devote to derby?

You will need to be willing to participate in at least 2 practices a week to build and develop your skills. You must attend and participate 5 out of 8 practices at any given time to remain in good standing with the league.

Will I get hurt?

It is not certain that you will not get hurt.  As with any other physical activity, you should go into the activity expecting bumps and bruises. This is why protective gear must be worn and you learn proper falling techniques.

 Do I need to purchase gear?

Yes.  Everyone must have a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, quad skates and a mouth guard.  There are many websites that sell these items.  Below is a list of our sponsors. Some of them sell Rookie or Fresh Meat Packages to get you started. Our sponsors offer us a 10% discount.  Please inquire with one of us for the discount code.

 How much should I expect to spend on gear?

Expect to spend $225 - $500 on gear.  Remember, you get what you pay for, as with anything else.

 Will there be a monthly due?

Dues are currently $40 per month which pays for our practice venue rental fees.

 Where will we practice?

Right now, we practice at the Waldorf Roller Skating Center in Waldorf, MD.

 Can I help with the leadership of the league?

Yes, you can! We are looking for volunteers to help in anyway they can. We could always use referees, coaches, score keepers and just general help all together.

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